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Monday, October 11, 2010

Flying the Team Flag

How 'bout those Gamecocks! Most of your know that I've been a frustrated University of South Carolina Gamecock fan forever. I say "frustration" because they have been worse than hapless, but I was in Omaha for the College World Series when we won the national championship and I was there this past Saturday when we knocked off the vaulted #1 Alabama in football. I still can't believe it. You've probably heard someone say to someone else's mix of glee and doubt over the next shoe dropping, "You can't stand prosperity." I never quite got what that meant until now. I've never been here before.

Now football matters and next week's USC-Kentucky game is looming large when I never really cared that much before. Wow, what a difference a big win makes. It adds jubilant joy and more than a tinge of sheer fear. Expectations are taken up a notch, and the absolute magnitude of the event is staggering. Do I yell, do I walk away and say "I'm good. It doesn't get any better than this so I'm not watching next week," or perhaps, just perhaps, I get so jacked that I am willing to make a road trip to Kentucky? Hey, people, driving to Lexington ain't nothing compared to driving all the way to Omaha, Nebraska, and I've done that 4 times to watch USC play.

Wait a minute - Ah, now I get a sense of the see-saw of the disciples after the news of Jesus' resurrection. Go back to Galilee or to the ends of the world? Stay on the Mt. of Transfiguration or go down into the valley and tell everybody about the Jesus team? I don't own a USC car flag, but somewhere somehow today I'm going to get one, and I'm going to fly it! Who knows, maybe someone has a Jesus flag, too.

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