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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Advocates for Service

Wow, there are a lot of needs all around us. I just got back from our Columbia District Clergy meeting. We heard about The Cooperative Ministry that is helping the working poor. "Hootie & The Blowfish" Grammy-winner Jim Sonefeld was also there. He shared how God had brought him from a "dark place" and has given him a new life. A big part of that new life is to help others. He has teamed up with The Cooperative Ministry and the Benedict College Choir to produce a new version of their break-out single "Hold My Hand." All the proceeds from purchasing the song go to The Cooperative Ministry. If you want to see a great video and hear a great song, plus make a donation; go to www.withalittlelove.org. This ministry speaks well of our theme as United Methodists: "Together We Can Do More!"

Connectionalism is our way of being and doing church. God made us in God's image and God is Trinity, a community. So if God exists in community, how can we not? Unfortunately, the world sings a different song promoting individualism. Sure, some differentiation is a good thing, but isolation is horrible. We need each other. Therefore, to all the churches, even United Methodist ones, that want to be their own little silo without connectional responsibility - You're missing out! Hiding and individualism gone amok is part of Adam and Eve's hide-and-go-seek game after the debacle in the Garden.

So, I want to stay connected and do together what we can't accomplish alone. One of the ways that I do that was also lifted up in our meeting today: "The South Carolina United Methodist Advocate." For $15 bucks a year, you can find out all sorts of good things about our shared ministry in South Carolina. Now, I don't always agree with the content, but it always makes me think. It gives us all a forum in SC United Methodism to share ministry, gain new ideas for Kingdom-service, grieve one another's losses, and be better disciples for Jesus. If you want to learn more; go to www.scadvocate-online.org/home/ remembering "Together We Can Do More!"

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