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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Good Church Work: Responsive Rather than Reactive

After 13 days of the flu, I feel like I've been caught in some funky episode of the "Twilight Zone." But it's been back to reality for the last few days, and they have had their funky edges, too. The glow of Christmas and our 35th anniversary in New York have been overrun by the tyranny of the urgent - you know, those things that demand our attention and can't seemingly wait. Well, if the old-fashioned flu taught me anything, everything can wait.

I was about to zip off an email to the Worldwide UMC Study Committee this morning. I've been bewildered at the emails of the last 2 days that seem to take us back to where we started: a distentegrated polity of disconnectionalism, a confusing hodge-podge of disarray. I know that there are no easy fixes to turn around a ship as large as the UMC, but rearranging the deck chairs isn't worth the time the debate will take at General Conference. But rather than give into the tyranny of the urgent and respond without carefully rereading the inititating document, I'm going to wait. I trust the others on the committee. We've worked together. Now I need to commit to pondering together. I'm going to reread and respond rather than react, I pray.

Lord, I pray for fersh eyes that will help me see Your truth, what's best for all, and what will cause the UMC to be a spiritual movment of purposeful vitality, not regressive theological wars. Please let the truth of Jesus win the day, every day. Amen.

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