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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Looking Better!

Better news this morning, "Joy in the morning!" Narcie is sitting up in a chair a few feet from me, eating breakfast - freedom a la Braveheart. Speaking of Braveheart, I am so proud of my son-in-law Mike. He has a brave heart! He is the greatest support for Narcie, has a wonderful attitude and shoots straight, too. Here it goes, in public, I love him, and not just because he loves my daughter so wonderfully well.

The doctor came in a few minutes ago. Here's where we are: They did an MRI at 1:30 am this morning. There is some tumor left, BUT the doctor said it's not a big deal. He thinking it's not cancer, but in doctorese says we have to wait for the pathology report on Tuesday to know for sure, BUT either way it looks like what's left isn't something that we have to get aggressive or panicky about. They will do regular MRI's and keep fighting this thing away. So, keep praying and don't let up. I guess we Gamecock fans do everything the hard way, no quick fixes. We're in the middle innings with a lot of game left to play, but we're going to tailgate like the game is already won, and it's going to be better than okay! No more Chicken Curse, not for Narcie! College World Series, here we come!

Narcie looks so much better than yesterday, can you tell?. Except for the bandage on the side of the head, she is looking like 100%. The nurses have been superb. Carolinas Medical Center is tops! So for everyone who heard/read my raw feelings from last night, it looks more promising today. Yeah, it's going to be a roller coaster with ups and downs, but the doctor and the Great Physician are seeming like they're on the same page now. I'm sure it was me. Narcie's going to live bravely, facing tests that will somehow seem routine at some point, and grow old with us and Mike and Enoch and Evy.

I still am a little teary, but this morning's tears are more from relief and faith than from fear and uncertainty. Things are looking up. Cindy is going to stay with Narcie tonight since she's slated to go to a regular room sometime later this morning. I'm going to head back to annual conference tonight to be there for the four ordinands from the Columbia District: Billy Lynch, Daniel Burbage, Sheila Elliott, and Scott Bratton. I'm so happy for them! Thanks to all of you for your support. We're here, God is here, it feels more positive this morning. Keep the good vibes aimed this way, and keep up the prayers.

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