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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Relational to be Relevant

You have to be relational to be relevant - that's my observation. I'm in the midst of spending 3 hours with each of the clergy in the Columbia District, doing whatever they want to do. It's fantastic. We get to know and appreciate one another on a level that goes well past anything with me behind a desk either in my office or at a charge conference. Yesterday I spent the afternoon feeding Bison that were a bit disconcerting in their size and demeanor. I'm sure that's a feeling that happens with people interacting with District Superintendents. Well, maybe that's stretching it, but I can say this. You get to know the bison and share some food, and all is well.

Last night we had an Introductory Visit with a new pastor and new church. It was my last visit of maybe 19 in the District. Those visits have gone well as people were authentically Christian and open to new relationships. What I heard last night was so refreshing as this particular church and new pastor want to Rethink Church and get outside the walls. The overarching theme: You have to be relational to be relevant. Frangelism works. You know: Friends, Relatives, Acquaintance, and Neighbors are invited to the Gospel Feast. I dare say we need to reach enemies, too. Anyway, people are as open to Jesus as we are open to them, meeting them where they are and exuding Christ enough so they want to know, "What's up with _______?"

Well, what's up with you today? I pray for a great day spent with laity and clergy in the Columbia District. I'm headed out in a few minutes to spend the day relating to people all over the place. That's the only way I can even dare to be relevant to a hurting world.

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